Server Upgrades/Package Upgrades

As you've noticed with the migration some sites were offline for up to a day. If you have any issues with the upgrades and migrations contact us through the help desk.

All sites have been moved to the latest stable PHP/MYSQL with current stable releases of CPanel 54.

9th Feb 2016
2016 Support Channel Changes

All support requests must be entered into the ticket system for existing customers.Previously text based and direct e-mail based support requests were excepted. Due to the rise of the client base and support volume we've decided to point customers to the ticket system primarily.Text and e-mail will be used as a backup and when more real time ... Read More »

11th Jan 2016
Joomla Revision Information Resource

If you're wondering about your current Joomla version and the path to upgrade here is Joomla's official link to the paths to upgrade and end of life.!_CMS_versions

12th Nov 2014
Software Upgrades on All Servers

MailScanner controls and scripts are upgraded to the latest version on all servers.

2nd May 2013
Software Upgrades on All Servers

ClamAV has been updated to the latest version.

2nd May 2013
Software Upgrades on All Servers

MySQL has been upgraded from 5.0 to 5.1

2nd May 2013
MailScanner All Servers (System Upgrade)

Today is the first day that the mailscanner system is in place.This will help you to identify spam from normal e-mail by tagging the suspected spam and allowing you control in your control panel to administrate the effect directly on your accounts.You can choose to delete the spam, or filter it locally with your e-mail client.If you have any ... Read More »

13th Apr 2013
Kernel Updated on all servers and rebooted.

All servers were updated with the latest kernel for their operating systems.

Downtime 10 minutes.

4th Oct 2012
Support forums updated to 2.0.2

We run the open source forum called Kunena.

Today we upgraded our support forums to the latest version.

6th Sep 2012
New web site under development

dotGig is working to release an updated version of our long outdated web site.

27th Aug 2012

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